Misery awaits when the natural balance of order and chaos is shaken.
Young Nimmi has to experience this firsthand: She just wanted to collect enough fireflies to decorate the garden for the festival of lights in her mountain village Lumam. But hardly outside the village boundaries, she is confronted with an unknown plague that has befallen nature and animals. With courage, determination, and the magic of the pretty glowing bugs, she bravely faces everything standing in her way – not even hesitating in the face of her deepest fears.

“How To Catch A Firefly” is a cozy 3D platformer with an enchanting world the player can explore freely. With the lovable and stubborn Nimmi, you solve puzzles and prove your dexterity to free the mountain from great harm and learn the truth about the fireflies.

“How To Catch A Firefly” started out as a small game jam and now has a fully fleshed out concept thanks to federal funding from the “Medienf√∂rderung Rheinland-Pfalz”.

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