Vanessa here. This is my little music corner where you can find all sorts of projects I’ve done in the past.

As a kid I used to listen to the soundtracks of my favorite japanese animations and video games but I also didn’t shy away from the usual mainstream and commercial music. Around the age of eleven I started singing and was trained professionally until the age of 16.
I have been writing my own songs and instrumental pieces since the last 10 years and started making music for other people’s projects in 2016.

I am still quite new to the game but I have a package to offer.
Take a look at the works below and if you feel like my music could be a match shoot me a message at

Video Game Music

Paused – Adventure Game featuring an otter as your main character

Paused Intro + Loop (snippet)
an adventurous piece made for the tale of the otter Thea and her journey of reclaiming her home
Paused Level Theme
the goal of this level theme was to create an atmosphere that could fit both exploration and combat while creating a sense of curiosity, fun and longing
Paused Water Theme (first draft)
an atmospherical underwater theme for Thea who dives into the water for the first time in her life.

R.I.P.Air – an endless runner made at GlobalGameJam2020

R.I.P.Air Menu Theme
an uplifting menu theme for a fun endless runner where you play as a dog that tries to reattach it’s zombie masters limbs
R.I.P.Air Main Theme
the main theme for the endless runner

Ludus Ante Portas – video game as a nighttime installation

Ludus Ante Portas
ready screen music for a video game that was projected onto the Porta Nigra, a giant gate located in the oldest city of Germany (Trier)
also: the very first video game I was commissioned for

The Raven – student bachelor project: The Raven turned into a puzzle game

The Raven Menu Theme
a curious piece with a sinister vibe for a puzzle game based on the poem by Edgar Allan Poe


I am only featuring original material here but I am open to sending you small snippets of how I would sing popular songs or a certain style in order for you to figure out if I’d be the best option for your project.

Ghost (snippet)
a song I wrote as a backing track for a trailer
The Skyborn’s Realm
an older recording of a tribute song I wrote and sang that is based on Game of Thrones
Choir done with only my vocals and a bass effect on the lowest recording

Personal Stuff

The Skies of a Distant World
an adventurous outer space tune and one of the first soundtracks I ever did
a cinematic piece for an emotional cutscene
background music for a personal gamescom trailer I did